Brush Pile silicone Door Weatherstripping with fin

Features & Benefits:

  • Tests indicate at least a 20% reduction in air infiltration as compared to single center fin.
  • Five-Fin and Multi-Hollow bulb seal combinations tested as well as current acoustic seals in the market.
  • The Five-Fin construction helps reduce vibration which aids in the acoustical value.
  • No binding or breaking during insertion, which increases through-put and leads to reduced waste and lower costs.
  • Built in “pile directors” reduce compression .
  • All Five-Fin seals have silicone treated pile fibers to repel moisture.

About size:

Strip with fin series:

Product Description:In the middle of XINDELI silicon weather strip add PE fin or nonwoven fabric it will be more than 5times stronger than normal weather strip product in seal performance.

Use of range: Aluminum window and door, plastic steel window and door, glasse window and door etc and other window and door profiles.

Use: water-proofing ,anti-wind , anti-dusty, anti-insect, and anti-noisy

Size: width of base(3. 5-100mm)the hight of pile(3-28mm)



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