How to choose door and window self-adhesive weatherstrip

As we all know, the thermal insulation and air tightness of doors and windows have a heavy impact on energy saving and consumption of buildings.

The yarn of pile weather strip must be made of polypropylene fiber with special filament, and after UV stability treatment and silicification, it has the characteristics of high strength, anti aging, acid and alkali resistance, low oil agent and good dispersing.

It is necessary to pay attention to its uniform and dense villi, straight hair cluster, smooth cutting, no hair deficiency and uneven concave and convex. The surface of the floor should be smooth and straight, and the defects such as cracks, bubbles and adhesion are not strong, the stitching place should be uniform and dense, pile is straight, and the surface of the floor should be smooth and straight.

The performance and life of doors and windows self adhesive weatherstripping is mainly determined by the selection of materials. According to the current classification of chemical building materials, the main materials used to seal the doors and windows are divided into two categories: thermoplastic elastomer sealant and vulcanized rubber sealant.

Therefore, first of all, the combustion method can be used to distinguish the rubber seal strip and the rubber strip after burning. The ash is white and will be silicon rubber that is still white after rubbing on the white paper; the ash is black and will be put out to be black after the friction on the white paper to be three EPR or chloroprene rubber; the ash is black, and the extinguishing place touches the sticky hand of natural rubber.

The second is to smell the smell, smell the seal with the nose or not, in general, many seals are used in the PCV material, the normal PVC material has a little alcohol taste, almost smell the smell.



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