How to solve the sealing problem of doors and windows

The door and window weatherstrip is mainly used for sealing between frames and fans. It is an essential accessory in production and installation of plastic steel doors and windows, broken bridges, aluminum doors and windows, and wooden doors. The key to the performance of doors and windows lies in sealing. Sealing and door and window top play a decisive role. With the price rising of various petrochemical products, the price of rubber products such as doors and windows, tops and so on is also rising. Now we are going to teach you how to solve the problem of poor sealing of doors and windows.
Precautions for installation of doors and windows

The installation of glass is not in the middle. The gap between glass and window frame is uneven. It is not tightly attached to glass and window frames, and the installation is not smooth. Knock the glass with your hand, and there is a loose sound.

The cause of this situation is:

(1).When installing glass, the impurities in the slot are not cleared up in time to make the glass and notch misaligned.

(2).The gap between the glass and the glass notch is uneven, and it has bad contact with the glass and glass grooves, and the glass notch is raised, and the tops can be easily pulled off by hand.
(3).At the corner, the rubber bar is not broken, not glued or glued.
The measures for the rectification are:
(1). Before installing the glass, we should carefully clean up the sundries in the slot, such as mortar, brick crumbs, wood blocks, and so on. When the glass is placed, it should be careful to ensure that the gap between the two sides is uniform, and it is fixed in time to prevent the collision shift and deviate from the center of the slot.
(2).Rubber tops cannot be stretched too tightly, and the length of blanking is 2O-3Omm longer than that of the assembly. When installing, it should be placed in place, with a straight surface and close contact with glass and glass notch, so that the force around the glass is uniform. At the corner, the rubber bar should be slanted and disconnected, and the glue should be firmly bonded at the break.
(3).When sealing the glass with sealant, the glass should be squeezed with rubber strip or rubber block first, and the gap of injection glue should be left out. The depth of injection should not be less than 5mm. Before the glue is cured, the glass should be kept free of vibration.



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