Introduction of the composition and structure of door and window pile weatherstripping

The door and window pile weather strip is made of high quality polypropylene as raw material, and is made of silicified polypropylene fiber and polypropylene film. The product has unique design. And passed the national building materials testing center testing qualified, is applied to doors, windows, furniture, vacuum cleaners and other high-end products. It is mainly used for plastic doors and windows, aluminum alloy doors and windows, stainless steel doors and windows, FRP doors and windows, transportation, furniture and electrical appliances.

The density of 1250 hairs per square centimeter ensures excellent sealing performance. The design of silicified polypropylene filament and central film completely play a waterproof and sealing performance. The unique design of the supporting wing of the bottom plate strengthens the supporting wool's function and makes the villus not easy to side.

The processing of villi through silicone oil has the functions of elasticity, water repellency, aging resistance, abrasion resistance and ultraviolet resistance.

The bottom plate is made of atactic polypropylene with good aging resistance and low temperature brittleness. Wool pile can be treated with ultraviolet light and can withstand any adverse climate test.

After being treated with special silicification, plush has good waterproof and anti-aging properties. Low friction, high strength and durability are the most important quality factors of silicone pile weatherstripping.



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