Watertightness of aluminum window silicone weatherstripping

The size of the wool pile is an important factor affecting the performance of the door and window and the performance of the door and window. It is also an important factor affecting the switching force of the doors and windows. The size of the wool bar is too large or the vertical hair is too high. It is not only difficult to assemble, but also increases the resistance of the door and window, especially the initial resistance when opening and the final resistance when the door is closed; the size is too small, or the vertical hair is too small. The bar height is not enough, and it is easy to pull out of the groove, so that the sealing performance of doors and windows is greatly reduced.

We independently develop and produce silicified weather stripping, compared with the market ordinary doors and windows weather strip, we have the following characteristics.
It can greatly reduce the noise of door closing. It has excellent elasticity and weather resistance. It still maintains excellent elasticity in cold condition (-300 C).
By inserting type and pressing type design, surface wrinkle, no deformation. It has good sound insulation, shock absorption and sealing effect.Material selection for PVC rubber three EPR high projectile
The wool needs to be silicified, the quality of the wool pile surface is flat surface, the floor and the vertical hair are smooth, no bending, no pitting on the floor meets the requirements of 0.20MM. Now, the technology of aluminum alloy doors and windows is mostly using rubber strips to achieve the sealing effect, and has reached the state of not needing to be equipped with pile weather strip.



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