installation caution for window pile weather strip

The door and window sealing top is a high-grade product applied to doors, windows, furniture, vacuum cleaners and so on.

Attention to the installation of sealing wool
1, the installation position of the sealing strip at the hinge. The correct position is installed on the side of the door frame and hinge.
2, this product can also be used for sealing windows, and the sound insulation effect is also good. If you can solve your noise problem, you will save the cost of installing the soundproof window.
3, when installed on the window, pay special attention to many window frames, there are silica gel residues in the corner of the window, clean the silica gel before sticking, otherwise, it will not go up. The best way is to reinforce the two ends of the sealing strip with strong glue, which will last longer.

4, some doors and windows are different in size, so the switch door will be tighter when installed. The door lock can be properly adjusted.



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