Silicone weather stripping

  • Professional silicone weather stripping for aluminum sliding window
Professional silicone weather stripping for aluminum sliding window

Professional silicone weather stripping for aluminum sliding window

  • Material: 100%PP
  • OEM: Acceptable
  • Color: white,black,gray,brown,ect
  • Function: Ati-dust,anti-insect,waterproof
  • Product description: Professional silicone weather stripping for aluminum sliding window

Professional silicone weather stripping for aluminum sliding window:
Yuxin weather strip co.,ltd. it is specialized in developing and producing kinds of pile weather strip  including silicone or non-silicone weatherstrip. Fined weatherstripping.weatherstrip with adhesive since year of 2005.

Weather stripping Details:

Type: Other Door & Window Accessories            Brand Name: Yuxin Sample: Free Material: 100%PP
Delivery: Within 15-20 days Color: white,black,gray,brown,etc Usage: Types of window and door
Application:                 Keywords: silicone weatherstripping
Certificate: ISO9001:2008; SGS. Function: Dust proof, Insect proof, Soundproof
Size: bottom width:4.5-70mm,pile height:3-25mm,thick base:0.6-1.2mm
Name: Wholesale silicone weatherstripping for shower doors

Scope of Application:Aluminum window and door,plastic steel window and door,glass window and door etc and other window and door profiles.

Professional silicone weather stripping for aluminum sliding window Packaging:
1. Ordinary package is 150 -500 m/roll(roll with plastic bag)  and 4-8 rolls / carton or according to customer
2. 336cartons/20ft,688cartons/40gp,772cartons/40hq or as request.
3.Safety Package:

(1).Each roll inside with individual carton cylinder.
(2).Each roll will be packed with plastic bag.
(3).Each carton will in thicken exporting quality.
(4).Using safe plastic belt to reinforce each ctn.

Production process:

(1): wove the BCF yarn into half-finished silicone weatherstripping belt .
(2): we cut the belt into pieces.
(3): package all the silicone weatherstripping into rolls and put them into  the carton

Professional silicone weather stripping for aluminum sliding window Advantages:
1.Less-wear, high-intensity.Good performance at anti-friction.Environment-friendly, sound insulation, shock adsorption.
2.Five times stronger at the performance of leak-proofness than ordinary silicone weatherstripping , this could save 15%of energy.
3.Stable treatment ultraviolet rays to the yarn, makes the performance of anti-ultraviolet better,can be used as long as 10 years.
4.silicone weatherstripping has the stronger ability against climates and of preventing water and air from filtering.
5.Advanced water-proofing processing makes the water-proof performance better.
6.Different colors, customized wholesale weatherstripping are also available.Various sizes, heights, widths and thickness can fit most
customers’ demand.

Logos can be customized as your requirement.Designs and specification are accepted.

Workshop show:

How to Installation Pile Weather stripping:

1. Clean the surface of the grooves and the base board well,make it clean,smooth,level off,dry.
2.Cut the length of seal strip according to the length of doors and windows frame.
3.Tear off a short part of back stick protective paper,put the seal strip in the right position and press,be leveled with the top edge.
4.Tear off the back stick protective paper section by section,extend the seal strip along with the frame from up to down,and press.  Note: do not stretch.
5.Same step to install the horizontal sealing strip,pay attention to the interface of the match,do not leave space in the corner.
6.Clean the surface before sticking; peel off the release paper backing section-by-section, stick in surface place, then press.

More products to choose:

Non-silicone Weather strip:

Weather strip with fin:The material of fin would be plastic or non-woven fin.

Adhesive weather stripping: In the conventional weather strip’s foundation, through special processes,with adhesive on the backing of the ordinary products,this kinds of adhesive may be the hot melting,form melting and 3M melting.

We are specialized in producing weather strip, silicone or non-silicone weather strip, weather strip with fin, adhesive weather strip,2p 3p 4p weather strip etc.


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